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GIS (Geographic Information System), Drone and Graphics


SPC provides capabilities of GIS and graphical services that aid our analysis and provide a visual representation of our opinions to clientele. The graphics are prepared either for design purposes or to convey our analyses in a clear manner  easily comprehensible to non-experts.

Our graphics production typically consists of

  • Digital maps
  • Aerial photography overlays
  • Topographic mapping, surface modeling and contouring
  • Geotechnical and geological cross-sections
  • Analysis of linear and volumetric objects

SPC’s graphics department is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and software to produce graphical representations of spatial data such as:

Historical data:
 ●  Aerial photographs
 ●  Geologic maps
 ●  Grading & construction plans

Government GIS data sources:
 ●  Assessors and parcel data
 ●  Digital elevation models
 ●  Historic aerial photos
 ●  Digital elevation models
 ●  Seismic hazards
 ●  Alquist-Priolo fault zones
 ●  Hydrologic data

Survey data using the latest land-based, aerial and satellite technologies:
 ●  GPS
 ●  Total station

Our in-house library contains extensive amounts of technical journals, historical and recent aerial photos, geologic and topographic maps, satellite mapping information, and GIS data such as DRGs, DOQs, DEMs, and other reference material to support our analyses.

SPC utilizes the latest geospatial database technology for management of all aspects of our work including:

  • Project sites
  • Job files
  • Graphics
  • Laboratory testing
  • Subsurface exploration & testing data
  • Geotechnical resources
  • Geologic maps & data