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Environmental Engineering

SPC offers environmental engineering services to assist our clients with needs that may arise as a result of the presence of contaminated site soils or groundwater. SPC also provides a range of environmental services that support our clients' needs for regulatory compliance, financial due diligence, project design, and construction.

Professional Experience

Our range of environmental services include:

  • Due diligence property transfer assessments (Phase I and Phase II)
  • Soil sampling for chemical analysis utilizing our State-certified analytical laboratory and mobile laboratory services
  • Soil and groundwater contamination delineation investigations (related to historic site uses including underground storage tanks)
  • Preliminary Endangerment Assessments (PEAs)
  • Soil vapor and methane assessments
  • Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Studies (RI/FS)
  • Groundwater quality and resource evaluations
  • Consultation regarding site remediation and closure
  • Monitoring and oversight of site remediation projects
  • Negotiations with regulatory agencies regarding clean up levels and site closures
  • Work Plan and Health and Safety Plan preparation (for site investigation, remedial excavation, contaminated soil transportation/disposal, dust control/mitigation)
  • Abandoned/Idle oil well assessment and re-abandonment
  • Methane gas assessment and mitigation

Environmental Site Assessments

SPC staff is experienced with research, inspection, and document review tasks that comprise the Phase I Site Assessment.  We are also trained and experienced with the most commonly used field data collection methods (soil, soil vapor, groundwater sampling), which are accomplished with exploratory borings for the purpose of soil sampling, groundwater monitoring, well installation, or soil vapor surveys.  Analytical laboratory testing is performed by subcontracted, State-certified analytical laboratories (including onsite mobile analytical testing laboratories to provide quick turnaround times when needed) during contaminant delineation investigations.  All investigations that involve the collection and interpretation of subsurface information are performed by OSHA trained field staff under the direction of our appropriately licensed and experienced Professional Engineers and Geologists.

Project Management

Our project management approach is having experienced Professional Engineers or Geologists managing each and every project. We believe our services should be tailored to meet the specific needs of the client, as we have worked with other consultants who have expertise in related fields in order to provide the best possible service.

We provide environmental services for commercial/industrial property owners, contractors, engineers, developers, law firms, lending institutions, oil, gas and petrochemical companies, United States military, and utility companies and districts.  We can negotiate with regulatory agencies to determine appropriate clean-up levels and prepare reports of our findings, along with work plans for investigations and corrective measures.  

SPC work with specialty environmental contractors and disposal sites to determine the most appropriate waste disposal methods, worker protection, and off-site property protections. Coming from a sound technical basis, we can advocate and negotiate with regulatory agencies on behalf of our clients in order to successfully complete remedial studies that result in practical and cost-effective strategies leading to the goal of regulatory site closure.