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  • Underground Water Storage Facility

  • Pile Installation

  • Trench Excavation

  • Forensic Investigation

  • Shoring Construction

  • Public Works Drainage Facility

  • Landslide Investigation

  • Public Works Construction

  • Shored Excavation

  • Well Abandonment

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SPC Geotechnical, Inc. is a professional consulting firm providing services in the fields of geotechnical, civil, and environmental engineering, as well as geology.  We take pride in our professionals and scientists and strive to heighten our standards.  Our goal is to provide quality consulting services in a timely fashion at reasonable costs.

  • Over the past 25 years, SPC Geotechnical, Inc. has performed over 7,000 jobs in the western states with the majority of work in Southern California and Nevada. The work has included Civil, Geotechnical, and Environmental Engineering, Engineering Geology and Forensic Engineering.

  • ●  New Construction
       ○  Residential
       ○  Commercial
       ○  Industrial
       ○  Military
       ○  Other
    ●  Insurance Claims
    ●  Pre-Purchase Property Evaluations
    ●  Public Works
    ●  Forensic

  • Our company has a high ratio of professionals to technicians making us very unique in the industry. That is significant since an engineer or geologist will always be in charge of a project, whether that be in the office, field, or lab. Most of our scientists have advanced degrees in their respective fields.