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Civil Engineering


Hydrology & Hydraulics

SPC’s engineers combine an understanding of hydrologic processes and hydraulic behavior with the needs of the client, in order to design cost effective measures to protect project improvements while minimizing public safety risks.  SPC is capable of providing a variety of engineering hydrology services to meet our client’s needs for project design or forensic analysis.  The typical range of services that can be provided includes:

  • Research, identification, and analysis of existing government climate and hydrologic data sources
  • Storm water drainage and infiltration studies
  • Use of georeferenced topographic data to determine watersheds, flow paths, and slopes that are required for proper runoff analysis and design
  • Design of drainage structures (i.e. channels, culverts) to meet the needs of storm water runoff
  • Estimation of peak and cumulative runoff quantities after a particular storm event
  • Establishment of drainage paths based on a storm event, terrain, and watershed area
  • Retention basin storage design to meet the needs of stormwater inflow management
  • Best Management Practices to protect the surrounding environment
  • Erosion control
  • Analysis and interpretation of rainfall, runoff, and peak storm flow data
  • Analysis of flood events to determine causation and appropriate mitigation
  • Preparation of designs for improvement of surface drainage